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As a dynamic speaker and trainer, Kiaundra always welcomes an opportunity to captivate, empower, and educate your audience through compelling stories and actionable insight that will move them to personal breakthroughs.

Kiaundra is available as a keynote speaker and is well-versed in the following areas: Healthy Relationships (Romantic, Family, Friends, Work), Entrepreneurship, Business, Mental Health and MORE!

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Previous Major Corporate Clients Include: Google, Hubspot, Meredith Corporation, CalSAWS

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What People Are Saying..

Steven Russell Harts, From the Hit R&B Group, Troop

"Honest, to the point, very smart and intuitive. Kiaundra is a new breed therapist that is definitely healing hearts!"

Michel'le, Platinum Award Winning Artist

“I needed her in my life since birth!"

Karrine Steffans, 3x New York Times Best Selling Author

“Working with Kiaundra was a pleasure and a learning experience. She brought invaluable insight to our production and provided critical tools for our audience."

Ashley J. Hobbs, Producer at Essence

"I had the pleasure of booking Kiaundra for two different podcasts I’ve produced and she did not disappoint. At ESSENCE Podcast Network, we look for the top talent in their respective fields to speak authoritatively on their fields and Kiaundra did just that as a guest on The Solve Podcast, offering timely and practical relationship advice from her many years as a professional therapist. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and passion!"

Tana M. Session, America’s #1 Reinvention & Transformation Expert

“If you want a speaker who can tell it like it is while relating and resonating with your audience – then Kiaundra should be your top choice!”

Cynthia Billingslea, Founder of The Hey Girlfriend’s Network

It was a pleasure to have Kiaundra Jackson, LMFT as the Keynote Speaker for the 12th Annual Girlfriends Luncheon. Her topic “The Bridge Between Mental Health and Healthy Relationships” was very fitting for the 1,000+ attendees because we all could relate to one or both of those issues. She engaged the crowd and definitely captured their attention with her informative presentation. I definitely highly recommend her for any event!

Shavon Bell, Executive Director at Hubspot

“Kiaundra is a phenomenal facilitator! She is authentic, thoughtful in her approach and brings incredible energy to her trainings. I was so inspired by the conversation and learnings – Kiaundra brought great knowledge and actionable take-aways."

Stevon Lewis, LMFT, Licensed Mental Health Clinician

"Kiaundra Jackson is a great talent! Very professional and knowledgeable in the field of therapy and even more so in the space where media and therapy intersect. As a TV therapist she’s well versed in translating the craft of therapy to reflect well on-camera, while still doing really good work. In addition, her ability to explain complicated behavioral patterns, in layman’s terms, is beneficial when she is fulfilling her role as an expert on the Doctor’s or KTLA morning news."

Troy Cassity, Intern at Hubspot

"Kiaundra Jackson is phenomenal. She recently gave a virtual talk about race relations to my company, HubSpot, and she had folks in tears. We discussed how to unpack racial injustices in our own relationships, followed by a Q&A where she answered questions from HubSpotters live. Kiaundra’s advise for navigating relationships is unmatched, and I cannot thank her enough for leading this conversation. She gave great takeaways, calls to action and assurance to all those who attended. Cannot recommend her enough as a licensed therapist or speaker alike. Thank you, Kiaundra."

Dan Tyre, Director at Hubspot

“I attended a program on race relations with Kiaundra Jackson, sponsored by HubSpot this week to better understand how racism and racial injustices impact our personal and work relationships. Kiaundra approaches the topic thoughtfully and respectfully to help people bridge the gap and she provides practical tips on how to be a part of the solution by addressing issues head on. The session covered a lot of ground and Kiaundra did a great job of explaining some of the challenges and potential solutions as we work toward the goal of creating a culture of diversity, inclusion & belonging. Kiaundra has some great advice for building continuing cultural competence in your own world and within your organization.”

Dr. Cozette White, Owner of My Financial Home

"This woman is AMAZING! Kiaundra is simply one of the best Marriage and Family Therapist that there is today. I’ve attended conferences were Kiaundra spoke and witnessed with my own eyes the countless lives that she has radically changed by her profound content and sincere passion to help families stay together!“

Shelley Meche’tte, Founder of The PowHERful Woman

I had the pleasure of being motivated, inspired and uplifted as Therapist, Kiaundra Jackson captivated me by her words during my Women’s Brunch. Ms. Jackson spoke on being able to truly know oneself and emotionally prepare for success. Her knowledge, wit and connection with the attendees kept me intrigued as she offered personal nuggets needed for emotional awareness and self growth. I will be sure to utilize her expertise in my daily decision making.

Kiaundra Jackson is a gifted speaker and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a skilled and personable orator.

Nikola Ahaiwe, Business Success Coach | Marketing Strategist | Motivational Speaker

Kiaundra Jackson is an incredible speaker! She has a very fun and captivating personality that shines through as she engages her audience. I love how she infuses her abundance of knowledge as a marriage and family therapist with her desire to inspire and motivate individuals to have a successful relationship with self. If you haven’t had a chance to check out some of her videos, or better yet, watch her in action LIVE, be sure to make it a priority to do so. You are guaranteed to walk away feeling empowered, uplifted, and ready to move forward on the path to becoming your best self.