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My name is Dr. Kiaundra Jackson

Kiaundra Jackson is a trusted Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that gets results. She has been seen on OWN’s TV show, Love Goals. Kiaundra has been recently featured in Oprah’s Magazine, Essence, Women’s Health Magazine, FOX, CBS and Forbes as one of the ‘Next 1000.’ 

She is an award-winning speaker, corporate trainer, company consultant, best-selling author, and TV Personality. She is a noted expert on healthy relationships and mental health where her work has been recognized by Beyonce and the NAACP.

Kiaundra believes when employees are given tools to improve their wellbeing, and feel empowered internally and externally, they are more apt to show up as their best selves.

The workplace is where we spend the majority of our waking hours. I provide services to help create healthy work cultures so that people can have healthier lives in and out of the workplace.





Managers & Leaders

A team is only as strong as the managers and supervisors who lead them. The best investment you can make is to ensure your upper management has the resources, tools and skills to manage their team members. Dr. Jackson helps managers and leaders effective embrace the different races, values, backgrounds, personal issues and work styles they will inevitably encounter.

All Staff Trainings

A company is comprised of many individuals that make up the whole. Dr. Jackson provides engaging and informative all staff trainings to ensure all team members are on the same page in regards to mental health, work relationships, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and conflict resolution skills. 


For many companies, bringing in an expert for an extended amount of time is needed to help change the work culture of the company. Dr. Jackson is a company consultant that helps companies overcome challenges and achieve greater success.

Company-Wide Events

Whether your company is having an event that is in-person, virtual, private or open to the public, you can hire Dr. Jackson to deliver. She is an award-winning, powerful, energetic, high-results speaker that shares her poignant leadership with many.

my proprietary Framework

My Framework is for your Company if:

You believe the mental health of your team impacts their productivity
You want to create a healthier work culture
You want to show your team that you care about them as a person
You want to increase your bottom line
You want to increase your employee retention rate

My Framework is NOT for your Company if:

You do not care about the mental health of the individuals on your team
You are not open to making improvements in your workplace
You only see your employees as a number and not a person
You don't want to scale your company 
You are okay with employees quitting to search for a better job


Our audience was feverishly taking notes and writing down her many words of wisdom. She brings the magic!

Mandi Graziano

Hospitality Sales Trainer


She doesn't shy away from the difficult topics, but makes everyone feel at ease. Cannot recommend her enough!

Morgan Berry



Even with 1000+ attendees, she has a way to still make you feel like she is talking to you personally. Can't wait to work with her again!

Viennie Chanthachack


The things I love to teach

Mental Health
Healthy Work Relationships
Leadership Skills
Conflict Resolution
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

As a consultant and trainer, Dr. Jackson will captivate, empower and educate your staff through compelling stories and actionable insight that will move them to personal breakthroughs and collective success.

Your team will thank you for hiring Dr. Jackson!





Her proprietary frameworks have been used by some of the biggest companies in the U.S. to create a culture of mental wellness and healthy connections between employees.

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